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About us

About us

The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia is a professional and regulatory body operating in the Republic of Serbia. This is the biggest and the most prestigious professional institution of pharmacists, which sublimates the highest categories of ethics – morals, rights and the quality provision of services. Society expects the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia to improve conditions relating to the provision of pharmaceutical services, to protect the professional interests of all its members and to participate in the organisation of improvements to and implementation of healthcare, as well as to work in the interests of protecting the entire population of Serbia and in ensuring their rights to healthcare are met.

According to the Law on Healthcare Chambers, the Chamber, as a professional body supervising over masters of sciences of pharmacy - pharmacists, drafts the Code of Ethics, keeps track of Chamber members, renews and revokes the licenses issued to Chamber members who are registered in the List of Chamber Members and keeps track of issued, renewed and revoked licenses, as well as performing other duties as prescribed by law.

Membership with the Chamber is mandatory for all pharmacists who perform pharmaceutical activities as part of their professions within the Republic of Serbia, while Chamber membership is voluntary for everyone else.

The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia marks 30 April as National Pharmacy Day in Serbia.

The Assembly of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia established the Stevan Šukljević Award, in honour of the friends, associates and the esteemed pharmacist Stevan Šukljević, M.Sc.Pharm. Since 2017, the award is presented to mark the occasion of National Pharmacy Day in Serbia.

The Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia has been an observer member of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) since 2016 and a member of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) since 2001.

Mission and vision

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The mission of the Chamber is the development of Serbia’s pharmaceutical sector and the protection of patients’ rights and interests through the establishment of professional standards and ethical principles.

The Pharmaceutical Chamber envisages the pharmacist of the 21st century, one who is licenced and plays an educational, advisory and informative roll in relation to patients/the general population and other healthcare professionals. In this manner, the overall objective of the Cham-ber is achieved - the promotion of health, the prevention and healing of illness with the safe and effective use of medication.

The Chamber’s motto is: Knowledge is the Path to Health and all views and objectives are centred around this maxim to which its members are committed.


The Constitutive Session of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia was held 24 February 1997. At the Session, the Chamber’s first bodies were chosen: the Assembly, the Panel of Pharmacists who work in both the public and private sectors, committees, the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board. With this, the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia officially opened its doors. This was the only chamber of healthcare professionals established prior to the passing of the Law on Healthcare Chamber Professionals, in November 2005.

All of the activities of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia, from its establishment until present day are based on the knowledge that all of the jobs conducted in any pharmacy are of a public nature and their objective is to build and nurture relationships with beneficiaries. The strategy relating to Corporate Social Responsibility within the pharmaceutical sector requires the strengthening of its capacities and the provision of professional support to employees, raising their level of knowledge of legal regulations, as well as their awareness of ethics and ethical principles.

Since its establishment until today, the Chamber has changed the location of its seat several times. The first Chamber was located at Zmaj Jovina Street in Belgrade (today Kneginje Ljubice street), which was a space leased to the Chamber by federal bodies of the Sovereign Republic of Yugoslavia. The Chamber was located here for just two years and this building is now home to the Intellectual Property Office.

After 1999, the Chamber moved to Dečanska 8A, and this space is leased first from federal, then from republic bodies, more precisely from the Administration of Joint Services. The Chamber remained in this space until moving in May of 2014, when via the Decision of the Assembly of the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia a space was purchased for the seat of the Central Office of the Chamber and its Divisions. From then on, the Chamber has been located at Mutapova 25 in Vračar, in the direct vicinity of Sveti Sava Temple.

Issuing a license - Conditions for Foreigners

Masters of sciences of pharmacy who are foreigners are permitted to perform pharmaceutical activities in healthcare institutions and private practices, under the condition that they have a temporary license issued in the Republic of Serbia.

Temporary licenses are issued if, in addition to the conditions prescribed by law which govern the entry, movement and stay of foreign citizens in the RS are met, as well as the following conditions:

1) they have received a Letter of Invitation issued by a healthcare institution or private practice, for the temporary or occasional performance of health care activity;

2) they have a licence and/or other appropriate document issued by a foreign competent body from the country in which the individual has permanent or temporary residence;

3) they apply the same healthcare technologies applied in the Republic of Serbia, and/or healthcare technologies not applied in the Republic of Serbia but have a license to use new

healthcare technologies i in line with the Law, or they apply/use methods and procedures of treatment, medicines and medicinal devices in accordance with local regulations governing healthcare.

This temporary license is issued by the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia within 10 days of the submittal of the application. The duration of the license may not exceed 180 days within the space of one calendar year.


Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia

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Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia

Membership in the Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia is the right and honour of every pharmacist working in the Republic of Serbia.

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